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Benefits of a Home Watch Service

Traveling for the holidays? - Longshore Solutions has your vacant home solutions!

With the holidays quickly approaching, many are planning trips out of town to see loved ones. Whether you are planning to take a trip to see the changing leaves, visiting family or heading to a second home, Longshore Solutions has your home watch services covered.

Why hire a home watch service? Having a service to watch over your home while you are away is imperative to keeping your home safe until you return. Some think that having a neighbor “check in” periodically is enough - it isn’t! When you hire a licenced home watch service like Longshore Solutions the benefits far outweigh the cost and piece of mind. Our home monitoring plans provide regular visits to take care of routine maintenance and check for any signs of damage to your home.

Longshore Solutions can provide a custom plan for your home to ensure it is well cared for while you are away. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Safety - Signs of forced entry

  • Curb Appeal - mail, newspaper, flyer removal

  • Perimeter Walk 

  • Garage 

  • Garbage Service - move trash & recycle bins in or out

  • Vendor Evaluation - ensure services have been completed to owner satisfaction

  • Plants - Water, and move for severe weather

  • Windows & Doors - check that all are locked, and secure

  • Smoke Alarm - check and replace batteries as needed

  • Thermostat - ensure proper temperature and function

  • Kitchen Appliances - check refrigerator/freezer for proper function and leaks, run dishwasher on clean cycle.

  • Faucets & Toilets - check for leaks on exterior, sinks, tubs, and shower. Flush toilets to check for proper function.

Not only can Longshore Solutions provide the services above, but if there is an issue such as a leak - we can coordinate with you and contractor to work to have the issue fixed before you return. Learn more about out services here.

Make your reservation for Longshore Solutions to watch over your home today! Contact us at or call at 912-373-6369. Availability is filling up fast!

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