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Homeowners Guide For Holiday Displays


Community association board members may choose to develop a holiday and religious display rule that is easy for residents to follow and easy to enforce. Have a happy holiday with these tips. BOARD MEMBERS --Engage residents in a conversation on whether your community association would benefit from a rule for holiday and religious displays. --Consult with your community association manager and attorney if your community decides it would ben- efit from a rule. These experts can help make sure your policy is consistent with your association’s govern- ing documents as well as state and local laws. Create a holiday and religious display rule only if necessary. --Include community consensus in the rule. It may include the start date and end date of when decora- tions may be displayed, hours when lights and displays in yards or balconies may be on, and specifics regarding size, sounds, and placement. --Ensure that the policy is clear, enforceable, and reasonable. --Request feedback from residents throughout the process. --Communicate new information to all residents after the policy is adopted and remind residents of the rule prior to the holiday season. --Review your policy regularly and determine if it needs to be updated.

RESIDENTS --Participate in the community engagement process by reading information, attending meetings, and contributing to the conversation. --Know your community association’s rule before putting up your holiday decorations and religious displays. z Ask your board for clarification if you have a question about the rule. --Enjoy your neighbors and your community during the holidays and throughout the year.

Originally published here by CAI Online.

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