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Hosting a Happy HOA-Friendly Halloween

Originally published by Excel Association Management

Halloween is just around the corner for your community and HOA management companies can help with the festivities! It’s time to break out the pumpkins, buy up the candy and have a fantastic time celebrating the night with your friends and family.

While this is a celebratory time for those young and older, everyone deserves to have a happy, safe and stress-free Halloween. Here are some simple ways your neighborhood can keep the night spooktacular!

Remind Homeowners About Decorative Limits

Halloween is a lot like winter holidays. Everyone has an artistic vision with their decorations. This makes now a great time to politely remind homeowners that their Association has decorative clauses for the exteriors of homes.

Emphasize that it’s great to be excited for Halloween but to consider your neighbors when operating lights, sound effects, or subjectively inappropriate decorations. Have your governing documents on-hand for questions about decor limits.

Host a Community Event

Keep in mind, Halloween is a great time to bring the community together beyond trick-or-treats! If it fits your budget, consider hosting an HOA sponsored event like a Trunk Or Treat, neighborhood haunted house, or Halloween-themed block party with a costume contest and all.

Halloween is all about letting imaginations run wild. Your Board or Social Committee can easily come up with some fun ideas that are compliant with community governing documents.

Trick-Or-Treating? Make Safety a Priority

If a community event isn’t in the cards, have your community management team create a notice that helps em

phasize general safety precautions that all neighborhoods practice during the season.

Children should be encouraged to trick-or-treat in groups and have parents in attendance for extra safety. In celebration of the holiday, make sure children have a flashlight or glowstick hand to light the way as they walk to their candy-filled destinations.

If you aren’t a trick-or-treater, please make sure your yard is safe and free of debris or equipment that could result in a fall or hazard. Most importantly, if you run out of candy and have to leave the house, make sure to drive with caution. After all, witches and ghosts can be pretty hard to see at night.

Remember to Pack Up!

Pumpkins unfortunately rot, and cobwebs and bats aren’t generally the poster children for Thanksgiving and Christmas. While we aren’t saying your neighbors have to put their decorations away the night of, a friendly reminder that holiday decor should be taken down within the week is a smart idea. Not only does this keep the neighborhood in uniform, but it saves property value and allows for a fresh start during the upcoming holidays!

Need Association Help During the Holidays? Longshore Solutions has Your Back!

Even though we haven’t hit Halloween yet, the largest holidays of the year are creeping up on your planned community. Ensure your board members have the time they need to dedicate themselves to their duties as well as the holiday fun! Let Longshore Solutions help take over some of the more taxing duties of neighborhood management and let your board enjoy the perks of happy homeowners. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our services.

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